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Pizza Oven Hire

Why Use our Ovens?

There is no big secret to this, at least not a world’s best-kept secret. A wood-fired pizza oven heats up and cooks our gourmet meals a lot better & faster because of the radiating-out heat stored in the dense walls of the oven and heat from the burning ambers.

Obviously this heat radiates across the dome very evenly while the floor of the oven is slightly cooler than the vault top under which we place our meals. When the oven gets really white-hot inside (the carbon burns-off ), for certain type of pizza the baking temperature can be far above 300°C – 350°C  and maintained at that level by keeping a continuous small fire going. It is in this environment that a good pizza is made.

Quick baking creates a thin crust and nice toppings, with a delicious soft middle! High temperature produces flavors which can’t be achieved by slow cooking. High heat also adds an interesting look to our pizza, with a crisp crust and really great cheese on top.

You will be making amzaing Pizza’s in no time, and hiring our ovens multiple times makes you a better Pizza chef.

For your next event user our Pizza oven hire service in the Sydney Metro Area.


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