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Do it Your Self

We have the equipment needed to host your own event our team will show you how to start using the oven and how to make Pizzas and other foods you can cook in our ovens, as you can also cook meats and oven baked bread.

We can Supply the Oven or Ovens and all the Equipment Needed for creating amazing Wood Fired Pizza’s for your event.

DIY Options can Include the following

      • Wood Fired Oven
      • Hard Wood Timber
      • Ingredients – to suit your desired toppings for pizza
      • All Pizza and Oven Tools supplied
      • Stainless Steel Tables
      • Catering and Serving equipment

All Package options are available from our office




The Advantages of doing a DIY party means no rush on cooking as it is a 24 hour Hire period.  Why pay big $$$ dollars on catering when you can have all the fun of making, cooking & eating pizzas.

Catering can start as low as $6 per head for basic ingredients.

If your having a children’s party, let them make there own pizzas and have the adults cook it for them, their faces will light up with joy from what they have made.

Quick baking creates a thin crust and nice toppings, with a delicious soft middle! Our Wood Fired Pizza Ovens produce an even high temperature which produces flavours which can’t be achieved by slow cooking. High heat also adds an interesting look to our pizza, with a crisp crust and really great bubbling cheese on top.Hiring our Wood Fired Pizzas give you the flexibility to enjoy a special occasion at any location.

You will be making amazing Pizza’s in our Wood Fired Pizza Ovens in no time and hiring our ovens multiple times will only make you a better Pizza chef with each occasion.